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Welcome, visitor! Here you will find all the Irix software you needed so badly. Cracks and licenses included. Download, install and redistribute this software. This is the only way to save the great heritage of the great company.

License files - license files for various products.

Adobe Illustrator 5.5.1 - the world's leading precise illustration and single page design tool for graphics professionals.

Adobe Photoshop 3.0.1 - software that brings the world of digital image editing and professional prepress production to the desktop. Adobe Photoshop lets you create your own painted images, edit scanned images, and even import rendered 3-D visualizations.

Alias Eclipse 3.1.3 - a professional 2D image editing program designed to manipulate high-resolution images like digitized movie frames and photographs for print, it offered color correction tools, image processing effects, rudimentary paint features, and spline-based drawing and masking.

Alias Maya 6.5 - the world's leading software application for 3D digital animation and visual effects. Maya provides a comprehensive suite of tools for your 3D content creation work ranging from modeling, animation, and dynamics through to painting and rendering to name but a few.

Apple Shake 3.5 - a node-based compositioning and visual effects application for compositing or modifying clips of images.

Avid Elastic Reality 3.0 - You can use this program to create still and moving warps and morphs by drawing shapes with familiar drawing tools.

Avid Matador 7.55 - a resolution-independent paint application targeted at the television and film production markets. Its main features were paint, mask creation/rotoscoping, animation, and image stabilization/tracking.

IFX PiranhaHD 3.4.1 - a digital imaging application. Its features include editing, compositing, conforming, color grading, 2D and 3D paint, and titling.

Imagineer Systems Mokey 3.0 - a revolutionary software application that separates out foreground objects and removes unwanted objects from moving footage, without using traditional keying techniques or hand painting.

Insignia SoftWindows95 - a software emulation of an IBM PC using an Intel 80586 MMX processor. It allows direct execution of DOS and MS-Windows applications on Unix Workstations and includes interfaces to allow the use of host facilities such as the Unix file system, CD-ROM drives, networking, printers and comms ports.

NewTek Lightwave3D 5.6 - LightWave is a software package used for rendering 3D images, both animated and static. It includes a fast rendering engine that supports such advanced features as realistic reflection and refraction, radiosity, caustics, and 999 render nodes.

SGI CosmoStudio 1.0.2: CosmoCode - a graphical development environment for the rapid creation of Java applications; CosmoCreate - a WYSIWYG editor for creating HyperText Markup Language (HTML) documents for publishing on the World Wide Web; CosmoWorlds - a Web3D authoring tool It can model complex objects and create animated worlds in VRML format for publishing on the World Wide Web

SGI HotMix CDs - Hot Mix is a unique marketing program produced internally through the Developer Program. Every four months, the Hot Mix Group produces a CD-ROM featuring presentations and trial software from some of the hottest software and hardware solutions available for the Silicon Graphics platform.

SGI ProDev Developers Suite 5.99 - a set of integrated programming tools that enable the individual programmer to analyze code structure, to debug compiled code and to tune run-time performance.

SGI RapidApp 1.2 - an easy-to-use user interface builder that allows programmers to develop applications quickly and interactively. RapidApp uses Motif and generates C++ code based on the ViewKit application framework.

Softimage Co. Softimge3D 4.0 - a high-end 3D graphics application which was used predominantly in the film, broadcasting, gaming, and advertising industries for the production of 3D animation.

Sun Microsystems OpenOffice 1.0.3 - a multi-platform office productivity suite. It includes the key desktop applications, such as a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager, and drawing program, with a user interface and feature set similar to other office suites.

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